Now more than ever, play and the development of 21st century skills are needed in these unprecedented times.

The COVID-19 situation has presented some really big shifts in everyday life. Technology has taken an accelerated step in the lives of children and adults with home-based learning and work-from-home arrangements. With changes presented every day, uncertainty is becoming a new norm. 

The Children's Centre for Creativity may be taking a pause, but our work in championing voices through play and creativity still continues. Playeum hopes to create an online space that serves as a source of retreat and support for both children and adults.

As we create presence in the digital space, we seek to provide support in the following ways: 


Exploring different ways we can give our children continued experiences to take charge and develop important skills through play, in the midst of global shifts.

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Providing a platform that encourages sharing of meaningful and insightful content, resources and knowledge for both children and adults.

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Creating new connections of support within the community and staying in touch with the people around us through purposeful conversations that help cope with change and concerns.

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Letting children take charge.

In the midst of adapting to big life changes and setting a new normalcy in every day life, we sometimes forget our children are experiencing the very same things as us and need an outlet. Children are inherently powerful - they are creative, playful, resourceful and whole, and they need continued experiences that allow them to take chargeexpress their voice, develop crucial skills and create through artful play.

Playeum at Home

LIVE Weekly Series (45-minutes)

Join us every Friday @ 4:30pm on Facebook LIVE

For ages 18-months to 12 years

(Those aged 5 and below may need an adult/older sibling to assist!)

Playeum at Home - EDM Poster.png

In the midst of home-based learning and circuit breaker closures, have you and your child dedicated time to create and play with new ideas?


Come join Playeum at Home and create with us. The series looks at discovering different ways of experimenting, playing and creating with everyday recyclable materials that we typically find in our own homes! What can we do with the toilet roll cores we have? Or that stack of rubber bands you have been collecting from your takeaways? Take chargeget your creative juices flowing at home and start on a maker project with our playmakers as virtual company!


Gather your friends (virtually) and come play with us on Facebook LIVE as we explore

the potential of different materials every week!


Creating connections within the community. 

With different changes presented every day, what we once knew or were familiar with is no longer relevant. In this time of increasing change, some of us may have been forced to restructure part of our lives and the work we carry out. How can we create new value within our lives and the lives of the communities we work with? Having conversations and feeling supported is important to stay adaptable and builds resilience to cope with stress.


Come join us for any of our Kampung Konversations for adults - these chats are meant for adults to squeeze in some me-time in the midst of their day to get connected with art or meaningful sharing by others.

Kampung Konversations

Upcoming Sessions


Sharing resources & knowledge.

There is now a great need to restructure the different roles we hold in our lives as we adapt to changes - be it as a parent, a teacher, a community worker, a friend and more. Organisations and individuals in Singapore and all over the world have started providing amazing resources and content that support various gaps we are trying to manage. Whether it's a recommendation of engaging activities to do at home, insightful articles with tips or initiatives that need support, this online space aims at giving access to a collection of shared knowledge and resources.




for the 



Humanizing Learning: How to Learn Better? Play Better!

(Spotify | Apple)

by Sumitra Pasupathy, Co-founder & Board Director, Playeum

Humanizing Learning: How do we Create a Safe Space for Learning?

(Spotify | Apple)

by Dr. Esther Joosa, Consultant Director of Pedagogy, Playeum

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