Volunteer to Play

If you like what we do, we welcome you to volunteer and collaborate with us.

Here are some of our volunteer roles:

Volunteer Playmaker

If you enjoy working with children and would like to facilitate their creative experiences at Playeum's outreach events, we welcome you to join us as a Volunteer Playmaker.

Volunteer Corporate Support

If you like what Playeum does and you're interested in providing corporate support to Playeum, and have suggestions for us, we welcome you to join us as one of our corporate support group members!

Volunteer Art Jammer

If you're an artist, scientist or content creator that simply has a great idea that you would like developed through experiential learning with children, we would love to host you as a Volunteer Art Jammer. Come have your ideas played with by the most creative thinkers around – children – and at the same time, receive exposure through our social media platforms.

Write to us at share@playeum.com and tell us a little about yourself

and the role you're interested in volunteering for or if you have any other ways you'd like to volunteer with us!

Simply write in to us if you have other questions :)