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Volunteer with Playeum 

At Playeum, we're on a mission to create equitable learning opportunities for every child in Singapore through the transformative power of play and the arts.

By volunteering with Playeum you're not just joining a team; you're becoming a vital part of a movement that empowers children to thrive and express their creativity.
Playeum Volunteers are:
Child Advocates: Passionate about creating positive experiences for kids.
Creative Enthusiasts: Believe in the power of creativity and like to explore different ways of expression.
Community Champions: Believe in community-driven change for a lasting impact on children's lives.
Team Players: Collaborate, share ideas, and contribute to our positive volunteer community.
Innovators: Bring fresh perspectives and solutions to enhance our impact.
Diversity Advocates: Celebrate uniqueness and respect for every child, family, and volunteer.
What ways can I contribute?
Play Facilitator/Playmaker: Spark creativity as a Playmaker! Guide children through whimsical adventures and be the maestro of play.
Logistic Support (Material Prep): Become our Art Wizard! Behind the scenes, create magical art materials and turn ordinary days into art-filled adventures!
Events: Join the Events Dream Team! From planning to execution, be the architect of unforgettable moments.
Skills-Based Volunteering: Elevate Playeum with your Expertise! Unleash your superpower and contribute to our mission in a way that uniquely reflects your talents.
Volunteer Fundraising: Fundraising, Playeum-style! Become our Captain of Contributions, turning passion into action for empowering children.
Social Media and Comms: Craft Stories, Spread Joy! Support our communication team, use your digital magic to amplify Playeum's voice and engage our community.
Join the team!
If you embody these qualities and share our passion for empowering children through play, arts, and community, we invite you to join us on this meaningful journey.

Register your interest here

Our current volunteer recruitment is open til 2nd March, 2024
Drop should you have any questions
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