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Meet the Playeum People

Management Team
Board of Directors
Board of Advisors
Partners we've worked with
With their wonderful support, we have been able to reach over 150,000 children and parents since Playeum's start in 2008.

Community Organizations

Campus Impact || Care Corner || Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) || Daughters of Tomorrow || Glyph || Mendaki

People's Association || South Central Community Family Service  ||  South East Community Development Council || South West Community Development Council

Affordable Art Fair || Apple Inc. || BASF || Ben & Jerry's || British Council

ExxonMobil Singapore || Google || LEGO Foundation || Lien Foundation

PUB Singapore || SAGE || Salesforce || Quantedge

Early Childhood Development Association (ECDA) || Memories at Old Fort Factory National Library || National Museum Singapore || National Youth Council Reflections at Bukit Chandu || Science Centre || Singapore Philatelic Museum


Museum & Cultural Institutions

Past Exhibitions

Gillman Barracks || Manor Studios || Country Concept || EChan Industries || Early Learning Centre (ELC) || Floral Magic Harou || Little Day Out || LEGO City || My Imagination Kingdom || Natural Power Penguin Books Singapore || Peramakan || Playhao || Smart Alley Spotlight || The Better Toy Store || True Blue Cuisine || WY-TO

With the Support of

Cultural Matching Fund || National Arts Council

|| SG Bicentennial

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