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“If every human being is powerful,
then every child is powerful.”
Children are curious, creative, and competent citizens who are capable of participating in and contributing to society. They have the right to…
  • Make choices and have a say in matters that concern them
  • ​Express themselves in different ways
  • ​Have a voice that is heard, respected, and acted upon

Adapted from UN Convention on the rights of a child.

Playeum was founded in 2009 and established in 2013 as a registered charity with an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status dedicated to using play and the arts to create equitable learning opportunities, opportunities for voice and agency for every child in Singapore. Our vision is that one day, all children in Singapore, regardless of their differences and backgrounds, will be able to thrive as the best versions of themselves.

We collaborate with partners with a shared vision, and connect with various sectors in society to create structural change for equitable outcomes through community- and family-centric programmes, teacher training, research, and advocacy.

Playeum is a member of the National Council of Social Service, and supported by the NAC Cultural Matching Fund. All qualifying donations to Playeum will receive a 250% tax deduction and matched dollar-for-dollar.   
Join us in creative collaborations
and build our future generation.
If you believe in the importance of giving voice to children through play and the arts,
we welcome and appreciate support in different ways.
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