Creativity and innovation through play cannot progress without support.

If you would like to contribute to the work that Playeum does, be it through donations or donations-in-kind,

we welcome your support.

Current Donation Campaigns


Play-It-Forward is our donations and sponsorships programme that supports programmes we do for children of our social service organisation partners.

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Playeum's Work

Help support Playeum's work and mission to impact children and adults through our open-ended play pedagogy.

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Giving Tuesdays

Giving Tuesdays is a play-based programme for children with varying disabilities.

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If you are from a corporate organisation/foundation or an individual keen on supporting a high-touch programme, write to us and let us know. Individuals can donate below.

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More about Playeum's Work

Training for Educators

Where teachers experience and use the intrinsic value of play, reconnecting the joy of learning and teaching. Find out more here.


Where we bring elements of Playeum into community spaces, using play to impact. Find out more here.

Community-focused Programmes

Where deeper impact is enabled for the social sector. Find out more here.

Space Design

For open-ended play and learning in schools and learning spaces. Find out more here.


On-going research to document the impact of play and social emotional learning in children. Find out more here.

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Our work would not be possible without the support of all our generous donors who believe in the importance of championing children and building the 21st-century transformative skills of our future generation. Here are some of our donors who have paved the way as gamechangers.