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Playeum at Home: Live Series

Come join Playeum at Home and create with us. The series looks at discovering different ways of experimenting, playing and creating with everyday recyclable materials that we typically find in our own homes! What can we do with the toilet roll cores we have? Or that stack of rubber bands you have been collecting from your takeaways?
Playeum At Home is open to all children who would like to join us in getting started on hands-on making at home!

Stay tuned for the next run!

These activity sessions

are suitable for all children

aged 4 – 12 years old.

Submit your creations!

If you joined us in any of our sessions and felt inspired to start on a maker project after, we would love to share what your child has made!


Submit your details and image of the creation by submitting at this link or sending to us on Instagram /Facebook!

EC Background


Inventions & Machines

In this edition of Playeum at Home, we put on our inventors' hats to solve the problems in our lives. With the power of creativity and innovation in our hands, there's nothing we can't fix!

Everyday Creativity 2021

Part of the Everyday Creativity virtual festival fundraiser, this edition of Playeum at Home is about shifting the lens on how we view creativity and how we all practice it differently in our own ways – whether big or small, they are all creative ways! To change the way we see creativity in ourselves also changes how we see and cultivate it in children.

Image by NordWood Themes
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Our First

Playeum at Home


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We welcome you to check out our previous episodes below. Feel free to click any episode and get inspiration to start on your own maker project!