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Research is the foundation for all our practices. Through research, we hope to provide a greater understanding of the impact of play for children in Singapore.

The adoption of play in research and practice is vital to show how it supports the development of children and Playeum aims to be a thought leader in the area of play in Singapore.

To advocate play, Playeum's research arm - Playeum International Research Advisory Network (PIRAN) focus on evidencing the benefits of play in aiding children's social and holistic development, imagination and innovation, and how it helps to develop crucial 21st century skills in children - communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and community participation. 

Current Research Programme:

Giving Tuesdays: Open Minds, Open Doors

Little is known on how play supports children with a disability in terms of the development of executive and 21st century skills. Understanding what children can do through play is a process of discovery and Giving Tuesdays provides the opportunity for further exploration and observation on this.

Led by Programme Consultant, Dr. Esther Joosa, Giving Tuesdays is a weekly play-based programme.


The programme launched in 2019 at the Children's Centre for Creativity, taking place every Tuesday afternoon for children aged 3 to 12 with varying disabilities.  The programme also featured a research component supported by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). 


The Straits Times, 25 June 2019

With the success of the first pilot programme spanning 44 weeks, Giving Tuesdays is now being brought to two EIPIC Centres with funding support by President's Challenge 2021 and Dews of Joy of Foundation - Metta Preschool is the first recipient. The programme has expanded beyond just being a play programme, but also looks at building the capacity of educators, and documenting findings to co-create a stakeholder manual that will support more educators who work with children with varying disabilities across Singapore.

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