Playeum serves the social sector with a through of different programmes that adopt an arts & play approach. These programmes, funded by foundations, community organisations and individuals, aim to build crucial life skills such as confidence, resilience, problem-solving skills and creativity in children of all backgrounds and abilities.

Serving the Social Sector


Playeum creates high-touch programmes that target the development of creativity, confidence, language/communication and social-emotional learning for children from at-risk backgrounds.

These programmes take place over a span of 3 to 6 months and are funded by various individuals, organisations and foundations. We've been generously supported by partners such as Sage Foundation, Quantedge Foundation, Salesforce, Binjai Tree Foundation, Lee Foundation, the National Council of Social Services (NCSS), individual donors and more.


Working with our social service organisation partners, these tailored programmes (using STEAM* with a play- and arts-based approach) are specially for children from at-risk backgrounds - whether due to poverty, single parenthood, low parental education levels, parental incarceration, or living in a community with a high crime rate.


These programmes aim to build resilience, communication and motivation in learning. It is our goal to level the playing field, break vicious cycles and strive for long term impact by inspiring children to build confidence, take charge of their own circumstances and meet their fullest potential.

*STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics

 High-touch Programmes 

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**Secondary outcomes in a specific programme with a local neighbourhood primary school


Little is known on how play supports children with a disability in terms of the development of executive and 21st-century skills. Understanding what children can do through play is a process of discovery and Giving Tuesdays provides the opportunity for further exploration and observations on this.

Led by Programme Consultant, Dr. Esther Joosa, Giving Tuesdays is a weekly play-based programme that takes place every Tuesday afternoon for children aged 3 to 12 with varying disabilities. The research for this programme is supported by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). 

The Centre remains open to all other children at the same time to promote the spirit and importance of inclusiveness. For children with varying disabilities and their families, admission is supported by donations and the doors are open FREE for them. 

 Giving Tuesdays 

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Playeum strives for a world of inclusiveness, where every child of any socio-economic background and ability can play side-by-side without fear of judgement through the PIF programme.

Playeum works closely with community partners such as Family Service Centres (FSCs), Children's Home & Child Protection Services to ensure that children from marginalised backgrounds and as well as children with special needs have the space and time to play creatively. This is done through the support of the Play It Forward fund, a donation and sponsorship fund, which provides free entry to Playeum's Centre anytime.


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