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This International Day of Play, join us in turning everyday experiences into playful moments - one idea at a time!

Tell us how you create playful moments with your child! Your ideas will inspire more families to make play and the bonding it brings a priority every day.

We're calling all families to

Make #PlayOurEveryday

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Drawing invented words on fruit peels, naming objects by observing the clouds in the sky, or telling a story with our imagination - play doesn’t have to cost a thing or take up a lot of time in order for learning and family time to be joyful. Play can also happen anywhere! When we look at life from a different lens, we can turn everyday experiences into playful, meaningful learning moments.
Parents, you are your child’s greatest playmate. Responsive and playful parenting are a major boost to children's happiness and skill development. It sets children up to thrive today and for life. 
This International Day of Play, we call for your support towards a more playful Singapore by sharing with us how you play with your children! Your ideas will inspire more families to make play and the bonding it brings a priority every day.

On 11 June, we join the world in celebrating the first ever International Day of Play.

On 25 March, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to commemorate the annual international day of awareness for play, with over 140 nations as co-sponsors. The campaign was initiated by the LEGO Group and the LEGO Foundation in partnership with a network of global partners.

Read more about the International Day of Play here.

Why It Matters

Play is vital for our health, development, mental well-being, and family bonding. It is a fundamental right for every child.

All children need to be given the permission, time, and space for quality play. Every family should have an equal opportunity and adequate resources to thrive through play.

The resolution signals a global commitment to promote, protect, and prioritise play for all. We invite you to add your voice to the Singapore play movement to inspire more families to make play their priority every day. 


Be part of the Singapore movement to promote healthier and happier families through play! When you share a play idea, you will be inspired by many more here.


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Our Champions of Play

Our CHAMPIONS OF PLAY have pledged their support to rally their communities to make play their everyday! Together, we inspire a more playful Singapore for all.


If you would like to join us as a Champion of Play, get in touch with us at


You may also download the campaign kit here


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