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Playeum's Story

Playeum was started in 2009 to be a beacon for families and children in creating a safe space to express themselves and play differently.

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The start of Playeum's Journey

Sumi & Jen 3 - Indoor_edited.jpg

Playeum was founded by two mothers, Sumitra Pasupathy and Jennifer Loh, back in 2009. 

It began with them having their own children and wanting a different landscape for their development. 

"We realised that it was not going to be a simple provision of alternative resource for children's play, but the greater impact would be a shift in mindsets around how children create and contribute.


That's when we embarked on the journey to create Playeum."

- Jennifer Loh, Co-founder of Playeum

Jurong3 (1)_edited.jpg

Playeum's vision at the beginning was simple; to be a beacon for families and children in creating a safe space to express themselves and play differently. 

As more research was done and the founders met more people around the world who were doing amazing work with children, they implemented the plan to have a dedicated children's space through roving experiences.

Spreading the message of PLAY.

Playeum started their journey as a roving pop-up, bringing open-ended experiences to different parts of Singapore. They started with a series of Big Draw events, with the very first one at Jurong Point.

Community batik painting by artist Kamal Dollah, at Jurong Point

Taking play out
to Singapore.

Playeum travelled to different parts of Singapore over the years.

From neighbourhood void decks to outdoor spaces and cultural institutions such as National Museum of Singapore, The National Library and more, Playeum, worked with various artists and created open-ended play experiences that was accessible to anyone and everyone.

Playeum's New Home:
The Children's Centre for Creativity

IMG_6495 (1).JPG (1).jpg

Playeum raised enough funds to move into its very own home at Gillman Barracks in September 2015 - the Children's Centre for Creativity. The Centre is a key base for much of the work that Playeum is and will continue doing as a charity that champions play and creativity in children through the arts.

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