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With different changes presented every day, what we once knew or were familiar with is no longer relevant. In this time of increasing change, some of us may have been forced to restructure part of our lives and the work we carry out. How can we create new value within our lives and the lives of the communities we work with? 


Having conversations and feeling supported is important to stay adaptable and builds resilience to cope with stress.

Come join us for any of our Kampung Konversations below and connect with other people like yourself.

Kampung Konversations are kasual, komfy, kommunal chats that take place every Thursday at 4:00pm. These chats are meant for adults to squeeze in some me-time in the midst of their day to get connected with art or meaningful sharing by others.

Some weeks we have Kraft & Konversations where we do a craft activity at home (yes, adults need artful play time too!) while chatting about different topics casually, and some weeks we have sharing sessions where we invite experts to share tips and ideas to make the most out of the changes we face!


These sessions take place online and are open to all for free.

Kampung Konversation Kalendar

More information below:

Thursday, 8 May, 3pm to 4pm

Kraft & Konversations:

 Help! I'm a HBL parent and its the holidays? 

Thursday, 14 May, 4pm to 5pm

Kraft & Konversations:

 Mummy & Daddy, I have something to tell you! 

Thursday, 21 May, 4pm to 5pm

Sharing Sessions:

 Positive Building Blocks: Your Words Matter! 

with Shaen Yeo, Co-founder of Happiness Scientists

Thursday, 28 May, 4pm to 5pm

Sharing Sessions:

 Bringing Bedtime Stories to LIFE & Building Creativity 

with Petrina Kow, Voice and Presentation Coach


Past Konversations

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