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EC A Play Festival For All
#EC2022 Bridge
#EC2022 Power of Play logo.png

9 & 10 December 2022

Common Ground Civic Centre

#EC2022 Bridge
#EC2022 Bridge
#EC2022 Bridge
#EC2022 Scribble

Play has the power to bring people together and unleash the inherent potential of every child and adult – giving us the tools to transform our experiences and strengthen our communities.

Playeum’s Everyday Creativity Festival this year explores what it means to play with the theme #ThePowerofPlay, because it is not just about WHY play, but HOW to play for change. We invite you to join us in experiencing all the ways in which play can traverse boundaries, reshape narratives and affect how we respond to the complex world we live in. The festival will feature artful play experiences, creative workshops, intercultural conversations, play installations, showcases directed by children and more - there’s something for everyone. Join us as we embody the creative energy of play to unlock new ways of learning and thriving together.

3 ways we can come together
to build a playful community
Join our Festival

Join us at our festival

Play’s even better with you around. Join us at this festival and be part of our community of change! Tickets start at $10.


Share your playful moments

Capture your playful moments, post them on social media and hashtag us at #Playeum #ThePowerofPlay. Your ideas will inspire others to bring play back into their lives!

Playeum's GivingSg

Donate to fund our communities

Playeum is an IPC charity. Help us close the opportunity divide and develop children's life skills through play, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

#EC2022 Scribble
#EC2022 Scribble

Create playful moments with us through hands-on play activities, interactive exhibitions and installations. From building our future with LEGO bricks to interacting with exhibitions directed by children, let your creative mind run freely and be in tune with your wild and playful ideas.

#EC2022 Scribble
#EC2022 Scribble

Each festival PLAYEUMtime! Ticket grants access to all play activities, exhibitions and installations at the festival.

This excludes workshops and fireside chat. 

Each Creative Workshop Ticket (price varies) includes access to all play activities, exhibitions and installations at the festival.