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#EC2022 Scribble
#EC2022 Scribble

Play has the power to bring people together and unleash the inherent potential of every child and adult.

More than 400 children and adults joined us at the Everyday Creativity festival on 9 and 10 December 2022 to experience #ThePowerofPlay through a series of curated playful activities, exhibitions, workshops and conversations. Through the festival, we recreated spaces for people to engage in play and explore what is possible when different stakeholders and partners come together to make play THE way to inspire and to build a community of practice.


Thank you for joining us as we embody the creative energy of play to unlock new ways of learning and thriving together.

EC A Play Festival For All
Children care and want to have a say.

One world problem, over 200 solutions

The world today is unpredictable and more complex than ever. Children know that. Almost every child who walked into our festival has thought about climate change - and solving it.


A car-house with no wheels that floats between opposing magnetic poles, a tree that grows in ruins, and a bus that goes on land and water with “59 Wi-Fi everywhere” – these were just some of the over 200 future homes children built at the festival’s LEGO Build the Change event.

Creative problem-solving
is in our children.

Making visible the voices of children

If one encounters noisy neighbours, reporting them to the police is not the first thing to do, 12-year-old Eva would say.


In the exhibition she curated with her peers at social service agency CampusImpact, Eva presented a Safe Space app
prototype that she designed to encourage others to work on themselves rather than to blame or change others. “You can
listen to calm music in this app,” she proposed.

Learn more of Eva’s experience in the video below:

In children we see clarity and empathy

Children led conversation on playground politics

We listened to four children speak about their experiences navigating politics in the playground at our fireside chat event. They were clear about how they wish to deal with conflicts and uncertainty. During the session, they took charge, managed difficult conversations and showed genuine respect for diverse views.


Advice on how to deal with bullies in the playground? “One thing you require is patience and confidence in yourself,” as said with conviction by 10-year-old Lucas.

I chatted with children who had the space to play, solve problems they were concerned about, and create solutions they believed in, with no heavy intervention by adults, but guided conversations to explore and to uncover what children are really thinking without judgement. There is value in play, particularly for children, but it should not be neglected by adults.


Liew Wei Li, Director-General of Education at MOE on the Everyday Creativity Festival 2022

Re-imagining our role as adults

The power of giving our children time, space and choice

We witnessed how adults moved from quietly observing their children play with scepticism, to eventually joining in with a huge sense of nostalgia and joy. Many adults tell us how much they wished we could create an event like this more often.

But they may not have realised what actually made this experience a successful one. It was because they gave time, space, and opportunity for play to happen with their children in a way that allowed for agency and voice.

Every space can be a space like this.

Not just confined to what Playeum creates.

3 ways we can come together
to build a playful community

Share your playful moments

Capture your playful moments, post them on social media and hashtag us at #Playeum #ThePowerofPlay. Your ideas will inspire others to bring play back into their lives!

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Play a part at the next festival

If you have a playful idea or would like to partner with us for our next festival, connect with us at!

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Donate to fund our communities

Playeum is an IPC charity. Help us close the opportunity divide and develop children's life skills through play, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Thank You!
This festival is made possible by the generous support of all our donors, sponsors, partners, volunteers and supporters.

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We would like to especially thank our inaugural Creative Ambassadors for supporting Everyday Creativity as well as Playeum's mission.

Creative Ambassadors

Bernard Lee and Joanne Er-Lee

Charmaine Sng

France Lee and Steven Lo

Jinhyuk Fred Chung

Jonas Hentze and his class of E0-5A in German European School Singapore

Mark Goh and Guillaume Levy-Lambert

Nichol Ng

Quantedge Foundation

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