A Virtual Festival Fundraiser

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Come celebrate creativity in

our everyday lives.

Everyday Creativity is about shifting the lens on how we view creativity in our lives. From free interactive activities, engaging workshops to insightful talks, for the young and the young at heart – there is something for everyone!

All experiences are free and by donation.

This virtual festival is also to fundraise for Playeum’s impact work in 2022. We hope to reach out and support more children, especially those from marginalised backgrounds, and also to empower more adults to be their creative facilitators. 


Here are the 3 ways you can join us and be part of our Everyday Creativity Festival!

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All experiences are free and by donation, if you wish. Click here to sign up!

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Stuck on what to post?

We have some ideas for you!

Help us spread the word by sharing with the world about #EverydayCreativity and tagging us (@playeum)!

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For Children (5 years and above)

From everyday recycled materials to food scraps, look around you and discover what we can create with them! Join us in a myriad of free interactive workshops for children ages 5 years and above. 

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For Parents, Youths and People Working with Children

Are you ready? We invite youths, parents and adults who work with children to join us in our hands-on workshop as we go on a journey to discover our own creative selves.

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For all Adults and Youths

Calling all adults to join us in conversation with Friends of Playeum from different sectors as they share their expertise and creative experiences!

Play Sessions
Experiential Workshops
Kampong Konversations
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Creativity is better when you share.

Come share in the enjoyment others.


Stuck on what to post? Here are some ideas!

  • Your reflections on Everyday Creativity

    • Share about something creative you did today. How did that make you feel​

    • What is creativity to you and why do you think it is important?​

  • Explore your creativity!

Make something for our friend, Cup

Cup is wondering if you have any ideas to spare! Gather your recyclable materials at home and see what you can create. Will you be taking Cup to a new world? Will Cup be meeting a new friend instead?


Meet Cup! Watch this video to find out more 

Your sharing can come in various forms – it could be in form of drawings, photos or anything that sparked your imagination.


Don't forget to #everydaycreativity and tag @playeum. If your account is private you may send us a DM instead :)

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We would like to especially thank our Game-changing Donors and Creative Ambassadors for supporting Everyday Creativity - the Virtual Festival as well as Playeum's mission.

Game-changing Donors

Quantedge Foundation

Jinhyuk Fred Chung, CSO/CEO of Xylonix

Creative Ambassadors

Diana Britt, Global Head of ISV Incubation of Google Cloud

Charmaine Sng Account Manager of Cisco

Eugenia Koh, Co-founder of Playvocates in Action

In support of

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