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Since 2019, Playeum and Arts of the Earth Learning Hub have been in a meaningful collaboration through the Open Minds and Open Doors programme. We documented, studied, and shared the benefits of open-ended play spaces for young children with diverse learning needs. This year, we're thrilled to have two venue partners to bring the programme into the community on different dates at two inspiring locations. 
We invite families with young children with diverse learning needs and their siblings to join an inclusive, free-to-access community play programme.
Creating a Culture of Inclusion
and Participation
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Inviting Caregivers and their children with disabilities
(9 years old and below)
Sessions spanning across 10 Saturdays in
July - November, 2024
Across two locations
Caregivers Pod
@ Enabling Village
@ Dempsey Hill
On-site and Off-site support
6 session online caregiver workshop

Boxed Adventures
Where Every Box Holds a Universe of Possibilities
What to expect during the programme:
This season, we explore how a humble cardboard box can become a catalyst for nurturing 21st century skills and an inclusive world where children are empowered to dream, explore, and build a brighter future.
Open-ended Play Space & Expert Guidance
We facilitate play in a community space through the provision of open-ended materials and guidance by Dr Esther Joosa and trained playmakers on nurturing agency, 21st century skills, and greater awareness of developmental differences through play.
Online Parent Workshops
Six online parent workshops on supporting caregivers in building knowledge and skills for play at home.
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