Make Your Mark

All-day Activities & Visual Exhibits

Come make your mark through art!

Here are the drop-in activities available throughout the day:

Kindly note that these activities will get you to dive into some messy fun so do wear a t-shirt that you don't mind getting paint on, or better yet, a white t-shirt that you'd like to have a new design on!


Paint Shelley!

For all ages

If you’ve been to Playeum before, you would have been greeted by our friendly giant Pink elephant, Shelley, at our entrance!


Shelley’s been through a lot with Playeum - been part of group photos, served as a great location landmark for visitors and weathered through sunshine and storms with us (quite literally).

Inspired by the parable of Blind Men and An Elephant, we invite children and families to be part of Shelley’s new colourful makeover!


Move & Paint!

For all ages

Let go of your inhibitions and dive into mark-making through movement at this station! Choose from a variety of paint tools and then shake, move or even spin around with paint to create a mark and be immersed in a life-size art piece.

Cavan Canvas

For all ages

Inspired by one of I-Opener’s artists, Cavan Chang, this activity looks at a unique art technique - drum painting.

Come join us as we create a colourful communal art piece and make our marks through drum-painting on a giant canvas!

Musical Pencil

For all ages

Ever wondered how a singing pencil would sound like? Created by artist Din Chan, the musical pencil is modified pencil that explores a unique interaction between art, science, tech and music! Have a go at using the pencil, add on to a community drawing and experiment the different ways you can create sounds with it!

Colour Rain Nature Sculpture

For all ages

Cascading down from bamboo, the Colour Rain Nature sculpture is an art installation made out of elements of nature! This activity invites children and families to paint sticks and branches of different sizes. Add colour to a new branch or build on someone else’s work - the end product will be a beautiful hanging installation contributed by all who made their mark at the event!

Visual Exhibits

For all ages

Be inspired by visual exhibits that feature the wonderful artwork made by children from our Giving Tuesdays programme and other workshops!

Hands-on Exhibition: I-Opener

For all ages

Come explore Playeum's current hands-on exhibition I-Opener

I-Opener features the aesthetic and sensory play-worlds inspired by the artistic designs and creations of four artists with a disability, Dr Dawn-joy Leong, Cavan Chang, Sol Pickens and Jo Devadason. Co-curated and produced by Playeum's Creative Directors Imran Mohamad and Dr. Esther Joosa, and Tech Catalyst Din Chan, the exhibition invites children aged 1 to 12 to explore their senses through play and the arts.  

Other Activities