Playeum's Manifesto

In Playeum,

we learn from the child and the essence of innate creativity and ability.

We learn to see how ideas come about as they explore the world.

Through play, children make meaning of what is around them. Children need to be heard, and have opportunities for free expression. They are not empty vessels waiting to be filled.

In Playeum,

we afford citizenship to the child.

The power of play allows them to take ownership of their world.

Children need time to make sense of their creations. They need to be able to share their ideas and be heard, because children are the citizens of today.

In Playeum,

we recognize the many stakeholders that make up an eco-system of free play.

We welcome children, parents, teachers and anyone who believes in children.

We seek alignment in beliefs about open-ended, child led play and we bring together communities that empower children.

What children need are their voices to be heard and their ideas made known.

Because every child is somebody, with visions, thoughts and dreams.

Together we can stand for and by All children, regardless of background, race, language, gender or religion.

Through the power of play, we will continue to prepare children for the future.


Come play the Playeum Way.