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Kitchen Movements

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A virtual cook-off challenge for children &  families, in fundraising support of Playeum

As part of Giving Week 2020, Kitchen Movements and Playeum challenge you to a cook-off with a twist (think ~mystery box~ ingredient...), in fundraising support of Playeum’s on-going work in championing our future generation of creative thinkers & innovators!


Sunday, 6 December 2020

10:00am to 12:00pm

Virtual cook-off LIVE on Zoom


For children* & their families

Find out more about where your fundraising support will go.

*Children aged 15 & below.


There are two ways you can take part in the cook-off challenge:

I want to take part in the challenge and COOK!

If you love getting creative in the kitchen, get right in the action, and help Playeum raise funds by cooking your best dish!


 Be a Cook-off Champion 

I'm pledging my support for someone who is cooking!

Know a person who is cooking for Playeum and want to support their efforts? Come pledge your support and donate to Playeum's cause on their behalf!


 Support & be a Pledger 




  • One of you is aged 15 and below

      (and have consent from your parents!) &

  • You love getting creative in the kitchen,

Come create and ktich-innovate with us!

The cook-off challenge is open to:

  • Solo Participants*

  • Cooking Duos (sibling-duos, parent-child etc.)

  • The Whole Fam-bam (or you can even make it a family affair and compete with each other. You can register more than one team per family - a little bit of sibling rivalry never hurt....)

*Younger children will need adult support/supervision while in the kitchen :-)

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Register your interest

If you want to be a Cook-off Champion, register through this link before 21 November 2020. Solo participants, cooking duos or family entries are all welcome to be part of this exciting challenge - but make sure the junior cook calls the shots! We'll get in touch with you :-)

Donate to begin

Start the ball rolling with an $88 donation to Playeum to confirm your registration for the challenge! We’ll send you our campaign link to kick-start the fundraising going. All donations above $10 are eligible for 250% tax deduction ;-)

Plan your menu

Think full-filling, not fancy. It could be the best egg fried rice you’ve mastered after 20 tries - as long as it nourishes your tummy and soul (appetizer, main or dessert). It’s totally up to you, so as long as you remember to include at least 2 of the major food groups: grain, vegetable/fruit, protein, dairy!



What’s a challenge without a twist? You will receive a ~mystery box~ ingredient on the morning of the challenge, which must be incorporated into your dish. Good luck!

Spread the love & fundraise

Get the most amount a-pledgin’ so you can be a-winnin’...a prize. In the spirit of giving as part of Giving Week 2020, ask your friends & family to support your efforts in the challenge by pledging and donating to Playeum’s charity on your behalf! 

Cook LIVE on Zoom

On Sunday, 6 December at 10am, join us online on Zoom for the challenge. Cook LIVE, alongside other fellow Cook-off Champions. Let's make it a (virtual) party.



Why your support matters.

Using play and the arts as a tool, Playeum creates safe physical and psychological spaces, and opportunities that help children be seen, express themselves, celebrate individuality & creativity, and thrive in being the best version of themselves now and in their future.

Playeum works closely with community partners such as Family Service Centres (FSCs), Children Homes and as well as schools, through high-touch programmes that provide children with a platform to grow crucial life skills such as resilience, creativity, confidence, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and more.

Your support in this campaign helps create more opportunities that level the playing field for all children, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and children with disabilities. 

With your donation, Playeum will be able to create more programmes and serve more children in the community. More information about Playeum's social sector programmes.

Thank you for supporting Playeum’s cause in championing children and nurturing creativity, innovation & life skills through play and the arts.






Kitchen Movements x Playeum

At the heart of this joint vision and mission between Kitchen Movements and Playeum is a shared belief in the importance of creativity and how it can be inculcated into everyday life - be it in the kitchen or in the way we nurture a young individual. 

This campaign is a marriage of two important C's in life (Creativity + Cooking) and the building of life skills in the kitchen, where it is practical and important to nourish from young. Not just any nourishment, but the kind that stems from the most basic need of satisfying a hunger, and coupled with love, care, playfulness, using local produce and building the memory bank by bonding over making something together with and for the people who are important to you. 

About Kitchen Movements

Kitchen Movements is a series of events curated by The Party Elves. Kitchen Movements was conceptualised as a series of events, born out of the vision to shine the spotlight on home cooks, offering them a platform to show off their talents in friendly competition, where the guests become the ‘judges’ for the evening. The events have always been about locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, cooked by local, homegrown, self-taught passionate cooks.

Couple that with The Party Elves' mission of re-introducing sensory and thoughtful play for all members of the family, we have a series of events that we hope will remind families of the joys in cooking and experimenting together in the family kitchen and around the dining table.  

Lets Cook, Create and Communicate.


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