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Donate to Play-It-Forward

Photo Credit: @pixolateds

What is Play-It-Forward?

Play-It-Forward (PIF) is our donations and sponsorships fund that supports equal access to all children, and it is funded by donations generously given by individuals and companies. Through the support of the PIF fund, beneficiaries will be provided with free entry to the Children's Centre for Creativity. 

Who are the beneficiaries?

We work closely with community partners such as Family Service Centres (FSCs), Children's Homes and Child Protection Services to ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds have the space and time to play creatively alongside everyone else.

Playeum strives for a world of inclusiveness, where every child of any socio-economic background can play side-by-side without fear of judgement through the PIF fund. Through open-ended play, children become masters of their own worlds where creating, exploring, conquering fears, negotiating, making decisions and resolving conflicts become second nature. Providing this physical space empowers children and allows them to step forward to become contributing global citizens.

How do I donate?

We accept donations through our campaign listed on Giving.Sg. All donations above $10 are eligible for tax deduction. The campaign can be accessed below:

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